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Damascus Will Be Destroyed


Damascus will be completely destroyed and will be left uninhabitable . . .


Syria is almost a 'city-state' with much of its population living in and around the city of Damascus.  Some historians and archaeologists believe Damascus may be the oldest continually inhabited city in the world and there is no record in ancient history of it ever being fully destroyed.  Syria is also the home of many Islamic terrorist groups and its army invaded and has occupied Lebanon for almost 30 years.  Currently, Syria and Iran are supporting the Hizbollah in southern Lebanon against Israel.  Syria, like the rest of Israel's Islamic neighbors hate Israel, have invaded and attacked Israel on several occasions since Israel became a nation in 1948, and have publicly called for the destruction of Israel.  It is interesting to note that recently an Israeli general, on commenting on the growing threat of Syria, said the easiest thing to do to neutralize Syria as a mortal threat would be to drop a nuclear bomb on Damascus . . .


Damascus, Syria will someday be completely destroyed and become a 'ruinous heap' . . .


      "The burden of Damascus.

        Behold, Damascus is taken away from [being] a city,

        and it shall be a ruinous heap . . ."
        (Isaiah 17:1  KJV)



It will also be a time of trouble for Israel . . ..

"And in that day [usually referring the Apocalypse or the great Tribulation]

it shall come to pass,

[that] the glory of Jacob [Israel] shall be made thin,

and the fatness of his flesh shall wax lean.  (Isa 17:4)


[Their will be war, death, and famine coming to the land of Israel ... and it is hard to tell if this happens after Damascus is destroyed, or at the same time.  We do know there will be a 3 1/2 year period of false peace in Israel brought in by a strong, powerful, and very popular world leader (also called the "Anti-christ) who will enforce a 'peace plan' on Israel before the Apocalypse and Armageddon ... so, there may be a "coalition of nations" attack against Israel (Russia/Iran, and friends?) before Armageddon which might help this coming world leader rise in power (we think over Europe first, even though he may not necessarily be European.)]


We are told here and in other prophetic passages that those people in Israel, Syria, and all the nations who will look to Jesus, the Messiah and God of Israel, will be saved, and will show great respect "to the Holy One of Israel". . .


"At that day shall a man look to his Maker,

and his eyes shall have respect to the Holy One of Israel."

(Isa 17:7)



This destruction may be somehow related to the coming Apocalypse either as a prelude, or during the 'great Tribulation' . . .

"In that day [this is one of the phrases used often of the coming Apocalypse]

shall his strong cities be as a forsaken bough,  [major cities will be destroyed]

and an uppermost branch, which they left because of the children of Israel:

[a small remnant on Earth and in Israel will be spared only because of God's promises to Israel]

and there shall be desolation.  [The major cities of Syria, the world, and Israel will be made desolate]

(Isa 17:9)



God tells us why destruction will come upon Syria, the nations of the world, and Israel . . .

"Because thou hast forgotten the God of thy salvation,

and hast not been mindful of the rock of thy strength, [the "Rock" is used of the Messiah, Jesus]

(Isa 17:10)



The nations and people of the world will come against Israel, but will be rebuked and destroyed by God who will protect and defend His people [although He will also judge them severely] . . .

"Woe to [wail for] the multitude of many people,

[which] make a noise like the noise of the seas;

and to the rushing of nations, [that] make a rushing like the rushing of mighty waters!
The nations shall rush like the rushing of many waters:  [we will see 'coalitions' of nations come against Israel]

but [God] shall rebuke them,

and they shall flee far off,  

and shall be chased as the chaff of the mountains before the wind,

and like a rolling thing before the whirlwind. 

[Remember, Jesus will return to save the remnant of Israel from the nations ...]
(Isa 17:12-13)



God says none of His prophecies shall fail . . .


              "For I am God, and there is no other.
                for I am God, and there is none like me . . .

                Declaring the end from the beginning,
                and from ancient times
                things that are not yet done."

                (Isaiah 46:9-10)



               "Search from the book of the LORD, and read:

                not one of these [prophecies] shall fail;

                not one shall lack her mate.

                For My mouth has commanded it,

                and His Spirit has gathered them."

                (Isa 34:16)



               "Indeed I [God] have spoken it;

                I will also bring it to pass.

                I have purposed it;

                I will also do it.

                Listen to Me, you stubborn-hearted,

                who are far from righteousness . . ."

                (Isa 46:11-12)



               "Before the decree is issued, before day passes like chaff,

                before the LORD'S fierce anger comes upon you,

                before the day of the LORD'S anger comes upon you!

                Seek the LORD,

                all you meek of the Earth, who have upheld His justice.

                Seek righteousness, seek humility.

                It may be that you will be hidden

                in the day of the LORD'S anger."

                (Zeph 2:2-3)



When will all this take place?


I honestly don't know.   But, Jesus says . . .


       "And what I say to you, I say to all  -  Watch!

        (Mark 13:37 NKJ)



Have a hard time believing in God?  Just watch the news.   We are living in dangerous times.  The above verses are clear.   God says He is the one who will bring judgment against Syria ... and against Israel ... and against all the people and nations of the world who will not turn away from their sinful, unbelieving  ways and return to Him (the Bible also warns the 'lukewarm,' unbelieving Christian will not be spared)  . . .


Why?   God is warning us.   God says He is doing these things both as a warning sign to the world and as verifiable evidence the Bible is true . . .



Please remember, the Kingdom of Heaven is available to every man, woman, boy, and girl in this world, no matter who they are or where they live, and no matter what they have done.  It is freely offered to any and all who will receive it.  Simply learn of Jesus, invite Him into your life as Lord, believe He died on the Cross for all of your sins and rose from the grave (proving there is a Kingdom of Heaven ... and a Hell).  Learn of Him and believe in Him . . . for He was the only one who has ever loved you enough to substitute Himself for you on the Cross.  He shed His blood, suffered, and died on the Cross to save you from the utter torment and darkness of Hell, if you will accept it.  That is why Jesus is called Savior.  He now lovingly and graciously offers you life in Heaven . . . and it is a "take it or leave it" proposition.  We have to consciously receive it and accept it in faith.  If you sincerely admit you have sinned (which means you will need a Savior) and ask Jesus to come into your life and honestly try to stop doing (and saying) those things God says are wrong, you will go to Heaven . . .

It's God's Promise!!!



The only unpardonable sin is to reject God's love and His free offer of life in Heaven by rejecting Jesus Christ, who stepped forth from Heaven ... not to condemn the sinner, but to save the sinner (from Hell) and who willingly and lovingly shed His blood on the Cross so we can be washed clean of all of our sins.  The Bible says there will be no peace in our lives until we make peace with God, through His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.  The Bible also says there will be no peace on Earth until Jesus Christ returns . . .



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"For I AM God,

  and there is NO OTHER.
  I am GOD,

  and there is NONE like Me,
  Declaring the End from the Beginning,
  and from ancient times
  things that are not yet done . . ."
  (Isaiah 46:9-10)


"Surely, the Lord God does nothing

  unless He reveals His secret

  to His servants the Prophets ..."

  (Amos 3:7)




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