Bible Prophecies


"Will The Generation Alive Today

See The Coming Apocalypse,

The Antichrist, the Rapture, and Armageddon?"



For The First Time In 2000 Years

The Answer To This Question Can Now Be Tested !!!



Bible Prophecy and The Scientific Method



The Hypothesis:


     "The Generation alive today will see (and is now seeing) the fulfillment of many

       significant Bible prophecies."


Starting in the 8th Grade and then all through high school and college, students from around the world are diligently being taught that the "Scientific Method" is the bedrock of all scientific inquiry and discovery. By design, the Scientific Method is neutral. Its sole purpose is to provide an acceptable mechanism for the skeptical, sympathetic, and antagonistic alike to test any idea ("hypothesis") in order to help determine whether it is "True" or "False." With this background, the idea (Hypothesis) which is being presented here for testing, scrutiny, and challenge, states: "The Generation alive today will see (and is now seeing) the fulfillment of many significant Bible prophecies." To apply the Scientific Method to this Hypothesis, first List some of the prophecies the Bible says the world will see fulfilled during a generation which would rise sometime after Israel would again become a nation. Then, Gather Data by researching News Headlines from around the world (for most would agree God will not or would not fulfill His prophecies in secret.) Then, Analyze the Data to see if it supports the hypothesis or if it contradicts the hypothesis. God created Man to observe, to learn, and to know. All mankind can now easily perform an objective test to determine whether or not the "Data" (World News Headlines) now supports or contradicts this startling Hypothesis.


To help get started, here is a sample list of significant prophecies the Bible warns the World will see fulfilling during a prophetic generation which would one day rise upon the Earth (see below for an expanded list with links to the Bible Prophecies) ...


  +  Israel back as a nation   (in 1948 ... after almost 2,500 years)

  +  Jerusalem back under Israel sovereignty  (in 1967 ... after almost 2,500 years)

  +  Iran and allies threatening war against Israel

  +  Russia rising ... and acting as a 'guard' for Iran

  +  China armed with weapons capable of quickly destroying 1/3 of mankind

  +  Nations of the ancient Roman Empire reuniting in power (European Union?)

  +  Teachings of false 'Prophets' leading (and deceiving) many

  +  A Generation morally 'corrupt' and 'filled with violence'  

      (The Bible uses the word 'corrupt' -  like smelly, rotting meat)

  +  Wars and rumors of war ... "nation against nation" ... "ethnic against ethnic"

  +  Evil men and women 'waxing worse and worse' ... 'lying and deceiving'

  +  Many churches and church leaders no longer teaching or enduring sound doctrine

  +  Gaza "forsaken"... children of Israel "uprooted" from their Land

  +  Israel and Jerusalem . . . "a burdensome stone" . . . trouble, troubles, and more trouble

  +  ALL nations of the World turning against nation Israel . . .                 

  = The Generation of the Apocalypse...Antichrist...Rapture...Armageddon...Messiah's Return?


        "For I am God,

          and there is no other.

          I am God, and there is none like Me,

          Declaring the end from the beginning,

          and from ancient times

          things that are not yet done . . ."

          (Isaiah 46:9-10)


        "Surely, the Lord GOD does nothing

          unless He reveals His secret

          to His servants

          the Prophets ..."

          (Amos 3:7)


        "When you SEE

          these things,

          know that it is NEAR - -

          at the door!!"

          (Mark 13:29)



I.  A List Of Bible Prophecies



    -   The Coming "Apocalypse" and Armageddon . . .


    -   Russia, Iran, and Allies Will Go To War ... And Will Attack And Invade Israel


    -   Israel and Jerusalem . . . (The Road to Armageddon)


    -   The Coming Antichrist . . .


    -   The Coming "Rapture" . . .


    -   GAZA!!!  (The Bible Links Gaza To The Coming "Apocalypse")


    -   A Coming 'Peace Plan' For Israel Will Change the World ... Forever!!!


    -   A Prophetic Description of The Generation Of Armageddon


    -   Evil Men (And Women) Will Wax Worse and Worse . . . Lying and Deceiving


    -   Churches and Church Leaders DEPARTING From The Faith ..."The Falling Away"


    -   10 Nations of The Roman Empire (Europe?) Will Re-Unite and Rise in Power . . .


    -   False Prophets Would Rise and Lead Many . . .


    -   Messiah (Jesus Christ) and Believing Christians Will Be Hated . . .


    -   Knowledge and Travel Will Increase "At The Time of The End". . .


    -   Wars and Rumors of War ... "Nation Against Nation" and "Ethnic Against Ethnic" 


    -   Deadly Diseases Will Spread . . .


    -   Famines . . .


    -   Earthquakes 'In Diverse Places' . . .


    -   The Prophetic Weather Forecast Around Time of the Apocalypse and Armageddon . . .


  Prophecies of Nations . . .


    -   China and Allies Will Destroy 1/3 of Mankind . . .


    -   Syria (Damascus) ... Will Be Utterly Destroyed


    -   Iraq (Babylon) Will Rise Again ...


    -   Prophecies:  Egypt . . .



  Prophecies of Messiah . . .



    -   Prophecies of Messiah (Jesus Christ) From the Old Testament (Tanakh) . . . 


    -   Prophecies of Messiah's RETURN . . .



  Mathematical Bible Prophecies . . .



    -   A Remarkable Mathematical Prophecy . . .  Messiah Revealed


    -   Another Remarkable Mathematical Prophecy . . . Israel Back As A Nation In 1948



II.  A List of World News Headlines:

In order to gather the "Data" needed to test the Hypothesis, one will need to gather a significant number of relevant and recent World News Headlines.  To find a comprehensive source of such World News Headlines (plus, over 12 years of archived World News Headlines) you can go to Alpha News Daily ( which gathers news from all around the World in an easy to read format ...


To Alpha News Daily ... World News + Bible Prophecy  >>



III.  Sir Isaac Newton and Bible Prophecy:

Sir Isaac Newton revolutionized the world of science, physics, mathematics, and astronomy ... he even invented Calculus.  Space travel would not have been possible without his discoveries.  Isaac Newton was also a diligent student of the Bible and applied his scientific methodologies to his extensive Bible studies and writings.  He wrote more about the Bible and theology than science and math combined.


Concerning Bible Prophecy Sir Isaac Newton wrote . . .


    "About the time of the end,

      a body of men will be raised up

      who will turn their attention

      to the prophecies of the Bible

      and insist on their literal interpretation

      in the midst of much clamor

      and opposition ..."


   - Sir Isaac Newton -

     (1643 - 1727 A.D.)





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   "For I am God,

     and there is no other.
     I am God,

     and there is none like Me,
     Declaring the End

     from the Beginning,
     and from ancient times
     things that are NOT yet done ..."  

     (Isaiah 46:9-10)



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"Surely, the Lord God does nothing

     unless He reveals His secret

     to His servants the Prophets ..." 

     (Amos 3:7)


































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